Teaching Recap: January 2019

Somerjill does upward facing dog
Press, press, press out of the earth in urdhva mukha svanasana (upward facing dog) with the palms and the tops of the feet to create lift and lightness in the posture.

Woof, January! With all those new year’s resolutions, a new corporate class on my schedule, a well-attended workshop, and a bit of subbing, I worked with many more students this month than I normally do. The total attendance for my classes in January was up sixty percent from the average!

I like busy classes. There’s a bright energy that comes along with lots of yogis in the room, and it also gave me the chance to meet a lot of new faces. Seeing how each student approaches the practice inspires me to think about new ways to cue postures and build sequences. Here’s to starting off the new year in a big way.

January by the numbers:

  • 47 classes
  • 562 students
  • 51+ hours
  • 9 locations

Student feedback:

  • Jill, your class was a lifesaver last night.
  • I felt like I exited my body. At one point you asked us to bind our wrist and I actually thought, “is this my wrist?”
  • Your classes are one of the highlights of my week―hard enough that I can actually focus on just being present instead of obsessively worrying about other things. Thanks for being such a wonderful teacher.
  • I loved Tuesday’s class except that I was completely destroyed on Wednesday.
  • Uggggggghhhh, I’m dying!
  • Thanks for a great class yesterday. I felt wonderful and at ease afterwards.
  • Jill, you made me cry.
  • Everything was so well sequenced, and felt good, and I was thinking, “how does she knoooow??”
  • When we got to the first chinstand, I just wasn’t prepared. At the second one, I thought I had eaten too much for lunch. When we got to the third one, I hadn’t thrown up, so at the fourth one, I really went for it.

And my favorite comment this month, shared on the very last day of January, which encapsulates how I feel about yoga as a teacher and a student:

  • I only bought the unlimited pass for January because it was a good deal. But now I think I want to keep practicing. I’m not that good, but I really like your classes, and I want to keep learning.

Me, too. I want to keep learning.

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