Teaching Recap: December 2018


My home studio, O2 Yoga, always has a focus of the month. December was inversions, which meant lots of chances to see the world from a different perspective. Inversions required a lot of core strength, steady breath, and balance. The other piece about getting upside-down that struck me this month was―as much work as it is enter and hold an inversion―they require so much effort coming back down. The photo for this post is a frame from some video I took, and is the moment just as my feet came back down to earth in a headstand. My arms, my shoulders, my back are working so hard to finish the posture with control, safely and securely.

Coming down is hard. This month was a struggle for me. I earned about 30% less in yoga income, since so many classes were cancelled around the holidays (and I don’t have any Paid Time Off). THAT’S HARD. But my January calendar is full again, and I’ve got some new teaching opportunities on the horizon. I’m giving myself some compassion and time to recover as 2019 rolls in.

December by the numbers:

  • 34 classes
  • 254 students
  • 37+ hours
  • 7 locations

Though I taught fewer classes this month, feedback was at a high and very hilarious. My favorite funnies in bold:

  • “This my sacred Thursday night yoga!”
  • “I’ve been practicing yoga for years, and I’ve never had a teacher guide me through some of those postures.”
  • “Where does my butt go?” [during class]
  • “Waaaaaait… what did you say?” [also during class]
  • “I can feel my back just opening up!”
  • “My job isn’t generally terrible, but it has been a bit of a joyless chore lately. Our one hour together somehow erases all of that negativity and transports me to a better place. Thank you for that.”
  • “Today’s class was my favorite ever.”
  • “I have to haul it here from the seaport. It’s so far away, but I’m always so glad when I can make it here.”
  • “What fresh hell do you have prepared for us this week?”
  • “That hit all the right spots!”
  • “I didn’t get to talk to you last week after class, but I wanted to say that it was dreamy. I felt like you created the class just for me.”
  • “Jesus Christ!” [also during class]
  • “I feel crazy.”

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