Yoga Life

It’s all yoga.

Where I Teach

I am an active instructor, leading about 15-20 weekly classes in Boston and Somerville. I teach public group classes at JP Centre Yoga (Jamaica Plain), SOMA Yoga Center (North End), Be Yoga in Union (Somerville) and MOTA Wellness (Somerville). Most of these spaces ofter in-person and virtual classes at a variety of price points. I also lead virtual classes independently via SomerJill Live. See my Schedule for complete class details.

I am also available for corporate, small group, and private learning. Contact me for additional details.

How I Learn

I have invested in lots of learning since my initial certification, and am now an RYT-500 with over 3,000 teaching hours under my belt. I was first certified in 2016 by O2 Yoga (Mimi Loureiro) and received my advanced teacher training in 2022 through Boston Yoga School and JP Centre Yoga (Ame Wren and Daniel Max). I love being a student and examining the craft of yoga.  My continued studies usually focus on the anatomy and mechanics of yoga and I strive to convey that knowledge during practice to help students build a better understanding of their own bodies. I have also completed special training in trauma-informed yoga (from Firefly International) and prenatal/postnatal yoga (from Five Points Yoga). 

Why I Teach

I dabbled in so many forms of movement growing up (skating, dance, volleyball, etc), but it wasn’t until a friend dragged me to a yoga class in the early aughts that I was able to fully connect with myself. I remember feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, and profusely sweaty in that heated/branded power class, but I also remember being incredibly tuned into the sensations I was experiencing, and the patterns of my thoughts. I felt fully present, unwavering in the face of my limitations, my power, my spaciousness. Since then, yoga has been a way to center myself during even the most tumultuous times of my life. It reminds me to practice compassion, everyday, for self and for others.

In terms of the physical, I love that postural yoga provides a chance to work all areas of the body, to practice building strength at end ranges, and connects us to the rhythms of our breath and our heartbeat. I hope to be a guide on the path that leads yogis back to themselves.

My Style

I seek to create a warm and welcoming space for practitioners of all levels. My classes are often inspired by the structure and shapes found in the Ashtanga system, and usually center around an area or action of the body. I like to partner strength and mobility work, explore ways to reset the mind-body connection, and infuse a sense of play into sequences.

People often describe me as straightforward, and someone who creates a coherent and creative class. I prefer watching and guiding you, yogi, rather than performing for you.