Teaching Recap: September 2018


September can be hard month for me, and for many of you, too. It’s full of transition. The changing light (marked by the autumnal equinox) starts to wreak havoc on my sleeping and waking, and the wildly variable weather makes it hard for my body to adapt. AND THE NEWS THESE LAST COUPLE OF WEEKS! I have shed earth-scorching-hot tears of rage all over this city, and I am drained. At my home studio of O2 Yoga, the focus of the month was the Ashtanga Primary Series, which thankfully is rife with forward folds and binds―I could tuck into myself, wrap up, and take a few breaths under the protection of my own body armor.

In my classes, I witnessed an increase in numbers of about 30%! A lot more folks needed to make their way to the mat this month, to slow down, or to tune out the rest of the world for a bit.

September by the numbers:

  • 43 classes
  • 398 students
  • 47+ hours
  • 7 locations

Student feedback this month was particularly silly or outrageously sweet:

  • “Thanks so much. That was the highlight of my week.”
  • “That pose was… well, you have a real knack for the difficult and the frightening.”
  • “It looked much easier on Instagram. Like so many things.”
  • “I’m so grateful for you.” [This came from a prenatal yogi, who “graduated” from class four days before her due date, and that kindness nearly brought me to tears.]
  • “I haven’t practiced with you, but I’ve heard good things.”
  • “How did you know that’s exactly what I needed?”
  • “You were killing me with the vinyasas today.”
  • “Thanks so much, see you soon, your hair looks great!” [Haha!]

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