Teaching Recap: Summer 2018


I wouldn’t call June, July, and August busy, exactly. Maybe the word is full. I made a few changes to my teaching schedule, got to connect with new students, but also had some smaller sized classes due to summer travels. A few of the prenatal students who’ve practiced with me for months gave birth to their babies (hello, new babies!) and a few of my postnatal students “graduated” as well, either returning to work or deciding their babies had become too mobile for the Mommy + Baby classes. Yogis transitioned in and out of my classes as summer bloomed and then faded.

June by the numbers:

  • 33 classes
  • 279 students
  • 36+ hours
  • 5 locations

July by the numbers:

  • 34 classes
  • 289 students
  • 37+ hours
  • 5 locations

August by the numbers:

  • 42 classes
  • 307 students
  • 46+ hours
  • 6 locations

I’d describe many of the students who practice with me as sweet and playful and brave. They come to class with hearts wide open. They allow me to lead them through vinyasas, and they let me guide their breath. It’s amazing work, and a privilege to be trusted to interact directly with people’s bodies in this way. These same souls share with me funny and kind feedback:

  • “I wish my shoulders actually moved when you pressed on them like that.”
  • When debating over whether to purchase a single drop-in or a six-class pack: “I yearn to be a six-packer.”
  • “I don’t think I’ve every practiced with a teacher who was also my friend. It’s so nice.”
  • “Thank you for helping me in [chinstand]. I’ve never been able to land that posture before!”
  • “Today I learned, if I’m being honest with myself, that I only need about 40-50 pounds of assistance from my yoga teacher to keep my hips grounded in gomukasana [knee-to-knee pose].”
  • “I felt terrible before class. Now I feel great!”
  • “I wanted to say awesome use of ‘sorted’ in yoga context! I go to your classes for the yoga. I stay for the vocabulary.”

And I overheard this exchange before class between two tired yogis:

Yogi A: “We start collapsed face-down on our stomachs, right?”
Yogi B: “Yeah, it’s called ‘flipped savasana.'”
Yogi A: “Exactly. Corpse pose, only deader.”

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