Teaching Recap: October 2018

Chaturanga! My bum’s a little high, but my arms are doing what they should be doing: a 90-degree bend and elbows stacked over the wrists.

Attendance levels remained quite high for October, and I saw the return of some students who had been regularly practicing with me in the Spring. It was so nice to see their familiar faces again―classes felt fun and playful with the return of these prodigal yogis.

October by the numbers:

  • 45 classes
  • 367 students
  • 48 hours
  • 5 locations

And a little student feedback:

  • “Thanks so much, Jill. This is a special class.”
  • “I am filled with such happiness!”
  • “Mom brain is real.”

Plus, this silly exchange as I was beginning class one evening:

Me: “Any requests for practice this evening?”
Yogi A: “Take care of me.”
Me: “You got it. Any other requests?”
Yogi B: “Snacks?”

Apparently, lots of people were hungry this month, because at a different class, the response to “any requests for practice?” was “do you have any food?”.

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