Teaching Recap: January 2021

Matt snapped this photo as I was starting a morning class. He practices from the bedroom. Everything in our apartment is crooked.

Most fitness and wellness professionals await the New Year’s Bump, when folks renew their commitments to healthy routines, or new athletic endeavors. In past years, this meant I’d find myself carefully weaving through edge-to-edge mats in sweaty, over-packed studios, dodging flying limbs and stray water bottles. That all seems very… contagious through these pandemic weary eyes. I still experienced the Bump this year, but through computer screens, and got to connect with some yogis I hadn’t seen in a little while. I also witnessed lots of yogis “bringing” friends and siblings and parents to class. Since these pairs were physically separated, sometimes on either side of the country, I was able to witness the big smiles and wild waving when the two came together at class time.

I’ve heard a lot of people saying that the day-to-day of 2021 doesn’t feel all that different from the calendar year prior. We’re still in a pandemic, still awaiting the vaccine imbroglio to untangle itself, still torn apart politically as a nation, still reeling from the loss of loved ones. But I cautiously, so cautiously, have allowed a glimmer of hope to alight. This week, both the Black Lives Matter movement and the formidable Stacey Abrams were announced as nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. President Biden repealed the ban on transgender military service, killed the Keystone pipeline, and called for the replacement all government gas-powered cars and trucks to electric vehicles. Vaccines are rolling out, albeit with some snarls and snags.

Realistically, I expect to continue virtual teaching through June. I assume it will be at least that long before the majority of our community is vaccinated, and that physical studio spaces (if any are available to me) are open again. I’ll let my heart settle on this peculiar version of normal, and keep on crafting classes from the corner of my chartreuse-walled living room.

I read every comment and every request that is submitted with registration, and some of you lovelies drop me notes or emails or messages with your feedback following class. Here are some of the giggles and heartwarming statements from January:

  • One-legged chair pose. The cruelty.
  • I think it’s wizardry that you can do this.
  • I’m glad my pandemic memory will include your classes.
  • I’d like to request six-pack abs. But without doing any ab work. Or Boat pose.
  • Your classes are a simultaneously challenging and grounding and truly a treat!
  • Can we do the exact same class as last week?
  • I feel like every practice with you either makes me feel like “I’m so good at yoga, wow,” or “I have so much to learn, wow.”
  • Sunday’s class was really great. I loved all the twisting and different ways of entering poses. I love having your class a part of my Sunday mornings.
  • Thank you for your part in helping me through residual fears of being in my body fully, through this weekly meditation flow―I am feeling stronger with each vinyasa and have so much gratitude for sharing time on the mat!

And hey! I’m trying to be consistent with these monthly recaps as well as monthly playlists. If you like some background tunes while you’re practicing with me (or whenever), you can stream my curated playlists via Spotify. These selections are often what I’m listening to while sequencing class, so the vibes will be spot on.

For information about my virtual offerings, pop over to the Live Stream page. If you’re ready to sign up for group classes, you can head straight to the SomerJill Live 2021 registration form.

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