Teaching Recap: May 2018

May felt big. I hit my 500-hour mark in terms of teaching hours, which is quite a milestone in the land of yoga instruction. I dropped a couple classes from my schedule, started the audition process to teach at a new location, and I also signed a number of freelance marketing clients. I’m finding a new balance to my days, interspersing practicing, teaching, and marketing. Turns out it’s great being your own boss! May by the numbers:

  • 46 classes and one meditation session
  • 331 students
  • 52+ hours
  • 5 locations

Some of the sweet and funny comments from my students this month:

  • “I feel like a new person.”
  • “Your class is so good. It should always be filled to the brim.”
  • “You always keep us on our toes, figuratively and literally.”
  • “This is so nice.”
  • “That was really cool.”
  • “Can we do yoga for allergies?”
  • “Doing yoga with you makes me feel like a beautiful mythical creature. Usually mermaid, but today was more like wood sprite.”


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