Teaching Recap: April 2018

April was a good month for me. I settled into a new teaching schedule, was profiled in Boston Voyager, and have spoken with a handle of potential new freelance clients. I’m feeling great forward momentum and great satisfaction in the work that I do. April, by the numbers:

  • 47 classes and one workshop(!)
  • 386 students
  • 53+ hours
  • 6 locations

My students warm my heart regularly with funny and sweet comments after class. Some recent gems:

  • “That class was so special.”
  • “We did so much I’ve never seen before!”
  • “That was the Best Body Check of 2018.”
  • “You’re a miracle worker!”
  • “I’m not just saying this to say nice things, but that class was great. It was almost a spiritual experience.”
  • Before I began a post-natal class, I asked if there were any requests for the practice. One yogi made her request: “Can you just remind me to breathe?”
  • “I love coming here for your classes.”

After namaste, I often have a few additional words, and that often includes, “thank you, dear yogis.” This month, one student responded, “thank you, dear teacher.” It made my heart flutter.

Happy practicing, dear yogis. Hope to see you on the mat soon.


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