Teaching Recap: January 2020


One word for January: crowded. My total class attendance for the month was very nearly double that of December: 298 then and 592 now. That’s madness. I feel an extra pressure at the start of the new year in these busy rooms. I want all students to have a worthwhile experience. I keep my eyes on yogis who are new to the location and/or new to the practice to make sure they’re safe. I adjust sequences on the fly when I find there’s no space to swing legs off the side of the mat, or circle the arms. I mind my own feet as I tiptoe through the obstacle course of mats, and towels, and water bottles. I try to remember as many names as possible.

Those crowded spaces also hold a certain buzz, a glittering energy that pulses with the same rhythm of those many beating hearts. The crash of powerful ujjayi breath, rolling just like ocean waves across the room. The mesmerizing visual of a single asana repeated in dozens of different bodies, like variations on a theme. That enchanted moment when a full room slows and drops into savasana and the stillness comes on so suddenly and completely, that I make a small gasp for air.

At the closing of class, I sometimes say that it is a pleasure being here, that I love being a part of this experience with the students. And I mean it. There is magic on the mat. And I hope that those yogis who returned to their practice in January after hiatus, and those whole unfurled their mats for the first time, will come back again in February and March and April and keep making magic for me to soak in.

January by the numbers:

  • 44 classes / 46+ hours
  • 592 students
  • 8 locations

Some select sweet comments and funny feedback from students:

  • I like your style because you don’t yell at me. I don’t like when yoga teachers yell at me. [Ed: I don’t like that either.]
  • This class is so hard, but I can do just enough that I don’t feel like a total fool.
  • I double-checked the schedule. I’m not going if Jill’s not teaching.
  • I want to do some yoooo-gaaaaah.
  • My boss says you’re the best.
  • Practicing with you makes me feel like a beautiful being. I carry that with me for the whole day. It’s impactful.
  • I thought this would be easy.
  • There just aren’t other postnatal classes to be had in this area! It’s ridiculous! I’m thankful for you and this space.

And this exchange:

Student: Thank you for a great class!
Me: You’re welcome! Can you remind me your name?
Student: Eh, you can call me whatever you want.

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