Teaching Recap: June/July 2019


Two summer months went by in a flash. It’s so interesting to watch how the seasons change attendance levels and change energy levels. Summer students roll into the practice space looking completely zonked by the heat and humidity―as do I. We all need to pay extra attention to the body under extreme weather. Our boundaries and abilities shift, and we’re wise to acknowledge and respect how the body is working on any given day.

I taught with some frequency these months at my newest locations, YogaWorks (mainly Cambridge, but also Watertown and Back Bay) and Samara Yoga (Somerville). I had some silly nerves going into the first classes in those spaces, but soon the rhythm of the breath and the familiar patterns of the practice brought me back to myself. I’m happy to be working with new faces for prenatal and vinyasa classes.

Class sizes are smaller over the summer, but that means I can provide more individualized attention to students, and I think that in turn generates some sweeter and more direct feedback for me as a teacher.

June by the numbers:

  • 55 classes
  • 354 students (downward trend―this is what summer attendance looks like)
  • 56 hours
  • 11 locations

July by the numbers:

  • 45 classes
  • 326 students (still falling…)
  • 48+ hours
  • 8 locations

The yoga community attracts and gathers candid and forthright humans. Students share with me words that are honest and pure and funny and generous. The collection of feedback from June and July (my favorites in bold):

  • Thank you for always reminding me of my strength, not only with your sequencing, but also with your words, especially when I need it most.
  • Me: Any requests?
    Student: Just general yoga.
  • Can you make it drier? It’s like a kiddie pool on my mat.
  • Me: Happy Birthday! I love that you came to class tonight.
    Student: There’s no place in the world I’d rather be.
  • When I walked out of class last week, I don’t know, I felt… full of light.
  • Student: That was the most fun workshop I’ve ever been to!
    Me: Tell the internet!
  • That was great! I’m going to feel good all week long.
  • I love Tuesday mornings!
  • I’ve never done that [supported handstand] before. You’re a miracle worker! It felt amazing!
  • My baby is so strong already, and I know it’s because of yoga.
  • I actually look forward to Mondays. Or at least I don’t dread them as much.
  • For the first time in a long time, I wasn’t wishing class was over. I felt present.
  • I’ve never been able to feel comfortable in that pose before. I think it’s because you prepared us so well for it, and your cues were so clear and helpful.
  • [This prenatal class] has become a very important part of my week.

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