Teaching Recap: April 2019



People come to yoga for lots of reasons. They might be trying to build strength or balance or flexibility or some other physical skill. They might be seeking a little quiet or a chance to slow down the day. People come in pairs to they can practice next to a pal or partner. They come alone to tune out the rest of the world. People come to listen to their breath. They come to focus the mind, or sometimes to turn off the mind and let the teacher lead. Some people build their energy during practice and others use the time to dissipate energy. There are so many different and seemingly conflicting answers to the question, “why yoga?’ but after teaching over one thousand classes, I think there’s not conflict. We’re all just trying to feel good. And there is space enough for all those paths to good.  

I held my final Power class in O2 Yoga’s Cambridge location on the 23rd of this month, and I wept at the end of savasana. I felt so sad about leaving that space, losing that teaching opportunity, and losing the time with those students who have been so playful, so talented, and so kind-hearted. I got a lot of hugs that evening, much appreciated, and some of their words of thanks are included in the student feedback below. I needed every ounce of validation, and I’m profoundly grateful they shared it with me.

And the next morning, I was up early for a regular morning corporate class, feeling weary and nursing a cry-hangover. Those students rolled out their mats, like they always do, and settled in hopes of finding their version of good. The yogis show up, the practice continues, the brave heart beats on.

The breath comes in, and the breath goes out.
The breath comes in, and the breath goes out.
The breath comes in, and the breath goes out.

April by the numbers:

  •  49 classes
  •  474 students
  •  53+ hours
  •  7 locations

Student feedback:

  • I feel like I spend 50% of the time doing yoga with Jill, and the other 50% of the time trying to memorize stories to tell Jill about doing yoga with other people.
  • I’m going on maternity leave soon, and the only thing I’m bummed out is that I have to miss yoga.
  • I want to work out enough so that I can tie my shoes without having to hold my breath.
  • I know my limits, so that’s all that matters.
  • I wasn’t sure I wanted to listen to the mini guided relaxation during savasana, but then I thought, “Jill is literally casting a spell right now.”
  • I remember the first class I took with you. I thought it was fabulous. You make us work hard, and today I am so much stronger.
  • Attending your class each week has so helpful to my body and mind.
  • You’ve changed how I think about yoga. I think you’ve changed a lot of people’s perspectives about it.

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