Teaching Recap: March 2018

March can be a real time of transition. For those of us who are particularly sensitive to the changes of the light (hiiiiii, seasonal affective disorder), the winter equinox is wildly disruptive. I felt it in my body, and I also saw it on my calendar.  I shifted one of my corporate classes, added a brand new one, added another brand new one, dropped two of my studio classes, and swapped in a fresh prenatal class (!). Lots of changes, all of them propelling me forward into new, brighter days.

March, by the numbers:

  • 49 classes
  • 339 students
  • 56+ hours
  • 6 locations

Some of the sweet and/or funny comments from my students this month:

  • “I feel like butter.”
  • “I’ve so enjoyed these classes over the last few weeks. It’s time for me to return home, but I’m leaving with so much more confidence. I feel like I can do anything now.”
  • “We landed on the same star.”
  • “I’m traveling for a few weeks. I wish I could take you with me.”
  • After an early morning corporate class: “What a nice way to start the day!”
  • “You can tell some teachers are zoning out, going through a script. You were present for the full ninety minutes, and it was wonderful. You’re wonderful.”
  • “Fifteen years of practicing yoga and I’ve never even heard of that posture!”
  • “Question: are you a ninja?”

And the question this month that had me completely stumped:

  • “Sometimes when I’m in down dog, I can feel my organs. What’s going on there?”


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