Teaching Recap: February 2018

In this short month of wild winter storms and balmy breezes, I met with many fewer students than I did in January, despite teaching just about the same number of classes. Part of that was due to having picked up a handful of private sessions, and moonlighting at extra corporate classes and post-natal classes (which tend to be small). February, by the numbers:

  • 44 classes
  • 313 students
  • 51+ hours
  • 6 locations

The more I teach, the more I see the effects of the yoga practice. Students experience changes to the body, mood, perspective. I am touched, humbled, and amused by the comments from my students. Some of my favorites from February:

  • “Oh, gosh. I feel great. I feel like I just had a massage.”
  • “I had such a horrible day at work, and this class made me feel so much better.”
  • “You always introduce something I’ve never seen before!”
  • “I never would have done these postures in a regular class.”
  • “I just moved to town and I’m looking for a new yoga home. This experience was so wonderful. Thank you.”
  • On returning to practice after a hand injury: “Yoga! There’s so much thumb involved.”

And the best for last. Upon being introduced to the husband of one my regular students:

  • “It’s so nice to meet you. You’re like a celebrity in our household.” [Hah!]
Camatkarasana, or Wild Thing
Camatkarasana, or Wild Thing

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