Teaching Recap: January 2018

This month, as others have already said, felt longer than its thirty-one days. Many of my fellow teachers were traveling this month, so I picked up quite a few classes as a substitute. That, coupled with the uptick in class attendance that happens in January (all those New Year resolutions), means I cued a lot of people through a lot of vinyasas. By the numbers:

  • 46 classes
  • 480 students
  • 53+ hours
  • 5 locations

I always make myself available after class for questions or feedback. Here are my favorite comments from this month, some charming and some hilarious:

  • “I feel like I can take on the universe!”
  • “I feel like I could take a nap.”
  • “I struggled with the standing balances, but I think that’s part of turning 80. Getting older is wonderful!”
  • “I thought we were going into Bird of Paradise, and when I realized what was actually happening [Ardha Chandrasana with the bottom leg fully bound], I was like, ‘Oh, god! It’s worse, it’s worse!'”
  • Whispered during Savasana while I was providing a shoulder adjustment: “You can just stay there. You’re wonderful.”

And finally, I heard one yogini say the following to her partner as they were bundling up to leave the studio:

  • “You’re blocking my qi. And my coat.”


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