SomerJill Yoga Tour 2018

I feel pretty proud about what I’ve been able to accomplish in the first year after earning my RYT-200. I taught over 230 hours of classes and added another 70+ hours of training to my resume.

In order to keep growing and learning, I’ll be dedicating part of 2018 to exploring the best studios in the area, and experiencing how other teachers approach their work. My list so far, with help from the Instagram community:

I’ve visited this group of locations previously, but since received some hot tips on specific instructors with whom I’ve yet to practice (or it’s time to return):

I’d love to know from my peers and fellow teachers why they like these locations, which teachers they’d recommend—and if they want to join me in practicing. Friends and yoga are a blissful combination. Comments welcome here, or on that Instagram post announcing the launch.

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