Workshops & Special Classes

I love teaching a variety of styles, and have opportunities to lead workshops and special classes. Join me on the mat!

Prenatal Yoga

Previous yoga experience is not required, and classes are appropriate for women in all stages of pregnancy.

Class begins with a few minutes of breathwork and some simple, grounded postures to allow yogis to get settled on their mats tune into how the brain and the body feel in that particular moment. We then do “check-in,” during which each yogi is invited to share her name, how many weeks along she is in her pregnancy, and what physical changes she is currently experiencing. Students will benefit from the strength, flexibility, calm and focus one gets from a strong yoga practice―all the way through to delivery.


Prenatal Yoga at Five Doors, Cambridge 

Mondays, 5:30 – 6:45p (75 minutes)

Yogis can bring their own mats, or borrow one for free. All props (blocks, blankets, bolsters and straps) are provided, and used liberally for comfort and support. The studio is climate controlled. The practice space fits a maximum of 10 yogis.

Pricing: $20 per drop-in or $72 per 4-class pack. Advanced registration and prepayment will guarantee your spot in class; walk-ins are welcomed as space allows. 


Postnatal Yoga (Mommy + Baby)

Postnatal yoga classes welcome new moms with infants to the studio space for a bit of quiet, reflective time. Class sequences focus especially on rebuilding connection and comfort in the back, chest, and abdominal muscles. Restorative work is often centered around the areas of the body that are overworked postpartum: lower back, neck, shoulders, and wrists.

New moms are welcome with or without their babies, anytime from early postpartum until babies are crawling. Fussy or crying babies are no problem, and moms are encouraged to feed, change, and care for their babies during class as needed. At the end of class, each yogi has the opportunity to share developmental milestones and how she and her baby are doing.

IMG_2055Mommy + Baby Yoga at O2 Yoga, Somerville

Fridays, 10:00a – 11:15a (75 minutes)

Yogis can bring their own mats, or rent one for $2. All props (blocks, blankets, and straps) are provided, and used liberally for comfort and support. The studio is climate controlled, kept at 78-80 degrees all year round.

Pricing: $20 per drop-in or $100 per 6-class pack. Advance registration and prepayment is available, but never required.