Workshops & Special Classes

I love teaching a variety of styles, and have opportunities to lead workshops and special classes. Join me on the mat!

Prenatal Yoga

All folks are welcome during any stage of their pregnancy. No previous yoga experience is required. Classes are designed to alleviate common ailments of pregnancy, as well as help reduce stress and steady the mind (which is helpful during pregnancy, birth, and parenthood).

Prenatal yoga supports a hardworking body. We take variations of postures and use props that provide support for the extra weight a person carries while pregnant. We accommodate for the extra effort it takes to move and breathe during pregnancy. Sequences include repetitive motion and moving with breath: rocking, rolling, and shifting to help mobilize joints and release stiffness. We focus on building strength and opening through the lower body: connecting with the power of the legs and glutes, while bringing space and softness through the pelvis and front of the torso. We dedicate time for supported, restorative postures to focus on the breath and make a connection with baby. We connect with each other. Students are invited to share as little or as much of what they are experiencing week to week: what feels good, what doesn’t, what’s new. We exchange information, share resources, and provide community support.


Postnatal Yoga (Parent + Baby)

Postnatal yoga classes welcome new moms with infants to the studio space for a bit of quiet, reflective time. Class sequences focus especially on rebuilding connection and comfort in the back, chest, and abdominal muscles. Restorative work is often centered around the areas of the body that are overworked postpartum: lower back, neck, shoulders, and wrists.

New parents are welcome with or without their babies, anytime from early postpartum until babies are crawling. Fussy or crying babies are no problem, and parents are encouraged to feed, change, and care for their babies during class as needed. At the end of class, each yogi has the opportunity to share developmental milestones and how parent and baby are doing.


Past Workshops

  • Building Better Backbends / O2 Yoga, Somerville. 2 hours, June 2019.
  • Accessible Arm Balances / O2 Yoga, Somerville. 2 hours, June 2019.
  • Yoga for Runners / O2 Yoga, Somerville. 2 hours, March 2019.
  • Yoga with Friends / O2 Yoga, Cambridge. 2 hours, January 2019.
  • Active Flexibility / O2 Yoga, Cambridge. 2 hours, April 2018.
  • Prenatal New Year’s Eve / O2 Yoga, Cambridge. 2 hours, December 2017.